Today’s Snapshot: Stunflower

I have been in rapt amazement these past few days. Sunflower seeds that I planted two months ago in the backyard (as part of the Great Sunflower Project) are now blooming. And while I’ve marveled over their steady growth from delicate newborn sprouts to gangly adolescent stems to towering mature stalks, it wasn’t until the first few blooms started opening up that I began to contemplate how such magnificent complexity comes from so small and humble a source.

Maybe I’m overblowing it by likening the experience to witnessing a miracle, but with my front-row seat to such a beautiful spectacular of color and symmetry I’m nothing short of awed — and perhaps it has something to do with not just seeing the end product for sale in some florist shop, but instead being there and having had a direct hand in bringing about its life to unfold in all its awesome glory.

sflower(click pic to go big)

Where was this taken? It was taken here.

Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook
Inter Here

4 thoughts on “Today’s Snapshot: Stunflower”

  1. Absolutely gorgeous. Bravo to you for making the world a more beautiful place!!!

  2. Hey Will – check out my flickr photos when you get a chance. I have a gang of sunflowers blooming!!!


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