Classic Eats #6: Vamos A El Cholo!

classiceats1El Cholo has won by a whopping two votes! We are off to the original (as of 1927 anyway) location on Western. Here are all the details:

Saturday July 18
5:30pm — ??

I’ll make a reservation for 15 since that seems like the average amount of Classic Eaters who come along. I’ll also be there with a sign as per usual.

El Cholo
1121 Western Ave.
(323) 734-2773

Want more incentive to come other than great nachos and margaritas? You may hear some funny tales of bloggers and guns from earlier in the day. I’ll say no more.

Thanks again for the votes and we all look forward to seeing you at El Cholo!

10 thoughts on “Classic Eats #6: Vamos A El Cholo!”

  1. I’m going to drag a friend who’s here from San Fran. Can’t wait – this will be my first Classic Eats!

  2. Damn, I already have dinner plans that night. I want to come to one of these eventually!

  3. Can’t wait to hear stories about Bloggers Go Boom. Don’t injure yourselves, please.

  4. oh, que sabroso!
    I will be there with a guest.
    How do I get in on the shooting?

  5. Adding one more to the list…just giving you a heads up. Can’t wait for the margaritas!!!

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