Abigail’s Story

FlowerThis is Abigail, a one year old Pit Bull mix who became the victim of shocking, barbaric abuse when she was inexplicably set on fire. Abigail was brought to the Lancaster Shelter where Karma Rescue heard of her tragic story. Karma immediately transported Abigail to a local animal hospital where she received intensive care for her injuries including second and third degree burns throughout her body.

It has been a long road to recovery. Abigail has had multiple surgeries requiring skin grafts, but she is going to make it, thanks to the generous care and support of Karma Rescue’s donors and volunteers.

Unfortunately, the perpetrators of this heinous crime were never caught, but through the determination and compassion of many people, Karma Rescue was able to make a difference and build a better world for this awesome companion animal.

Abigail Update

Good news! Abigail has found her way into a loving, permanent home. She now spends her days in sunny Chatsworth with her new brother, Dylan. They make quite a pair, whether lazing on the sofa or frolicking in the backyard, Abigail is now part of a wonderful family and well on her way to healing from the unthinkable abuse she suffered.

What Saved Abigail

The funding for Abigail’s surgeries and medical care came from The Cody Fund, an ongoing initiative established by Karma Rescue to care for and rehabilitate dogs with special needs. As a Los Angeles area rescue, sometimes Karma comes across dogs that require specialized attention and intense medical care. Whether it is the result of neglect, abuse or congenital issues, Karma feels compelled to take action in these cases.

Karma would not be able to step in and help without the increased financial support and assistance of their donors. They rely on the generosity of people like you to rescue these dogs and find them loving, permanent homes. If you want to help support Karma Rescue in their effort to rescue and rehabilitate dogs like Abigail, you can make a donation to The Cody Fund here: http://www.karmarescue.org/how_you_can_help/charitable_contribution.htm.

If you are tight on cash, you can always volunteer your time too! Check out KarmaRescue.org for all the ways you can help.

3 thoughts on “Abigail’s Story”

  1. What a horrific yet compelling story. I am at a loss of words for people who commit such sadistic acts against helpless animals. Unfortunately, we hear more stories that we want to. Glad Abigail has found a good, loving home. No doubt her trauma will take time to fade, if ever. We have adopted rescue and other abused animals in the past, and they do require special care. The latest in the series is here: http://bit.ly/nfUgM (after many months of caring love.)

    On a different yet related note for animal/rescue-lovers: The Red Cross is organizing a Pet Fair in Santa Monica on August 1, 10-4, with free micro chipping, discount vaccinations, training demonstrations, and much more: http://www01.smgov.net/smoaid/

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