Today’s Snapshot: Baldwin Hills State Park Scenic Overlook

Not sure how long it’ll last or how compelling the posts will be, but I’m in the mood for the time being to do a variation on the “It Caught My Eye” theme and showcase some aspect of the city I see or find in the form of a photo. It could be anything: roadkill, a tree, a classic car, a metaphor. Or it could be today’s inaugural image:

bhsp2(click pic to go big)

Today was one of those rare days opting to drive to work rather than bike and as such I decided to detour and make the much-easier four-wheeled, gas-powered climb up the winding steep road to the top of the brand-new Baldwin Hills State Park and its scenic overlook. Owing to the day’s haze, the ultra-panoramic vista — while still breath-taking — wasn’t at its jaw-dropping crystal-clearest so I won’t waste any bandwidth with posting those pixels. But while walking the short trail to the hill’s top from the park’s visitor center, I found two tots walking the ridgeline in the distance, the duo made even more diminutive backdropped by a big piece of clouded sky.

You should definitely go check this place out for yourself. Preferably on a weekend, the only time the visitor center is open to the public. But when the place is closed you can hear its doors whistle — or just check out the eerie surrealness I captured after the jump, along with a little 360-video pan around the top.

Where was this taken? It was taken here.


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7 thoughts on “Today’s Snapshot: Baldwin Hills State Park Scenic Overlook”

  1. Fantastic photo. I’ve gotta go see this place for myself.
    You’d think they’d do something about those doors, though. When the visitor center is open it’s gotta drive the people inside insane.

  2. This is gorgeous. Little Guy did NOT like the sound of that door! I wonder how they are opening a new state park and threatening to close so many others?

  3. I suspect the air conditioning system may be improperly set up – too much supply and not enough return air. But that’s just a wild guess.

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