Going Off the Rails of the LASI Train

lasiThere’s a story in Blogdowntown today about the new streetcar system planned for Downtown Los Angeles. With a projected opening date of 2014, Los Angeles Streetcar, Inc. is currently looking for input on routes through the area.

Los Angeles Streetcar, Inc. LASI. The LASI Train.

The unfortunate naming pales in comparison to other civic blunders elsewhere. The best example to date is in Seattle, where riders of the South Lake Union Trolley revel in “Riding the S.L.U.T.

Still, I cannot imagine a better moniker for a city that whines about having to walk more than a block to get somewhere. And let’s not forget about the marketing possibilities. Ozzy on board for the inaugural ride?

“Ladies and gents, we’re now arrivvving at 7th streetddd asc aburn jsuxxk dfrr.. i cannn dff foowww… fjrdka”

I can’t wait to ride the LASI Train. I just hope there’s going to be a station next to my living room.

3 thoughts on “Going Off the Rails of the LASI Train”

  1. IF, and it is a big IF, take me from Union Station to Staples in fewer than 3 stops I’d be so happy. We need an express way to get between the two with nominal BS stops. Since all the light rail ends there it would make sense.

    Lasi sucks as a name. Good luck finding one that doesn’t is going to the be trick.

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