10 thoughts on “Archiving Angeles (AA): The Phillips Block”

  1. I’m relieved to learn that this magnificent landmark was destroyed by fire. If it had to go, better that than the wrecking ball to put up a parking lot.

  2. Jesus H. Christ, that thing was gorgeous. Jason, these posts shine a light on LA’s shameful lack of historic preservation. Thank you so much for the context & the history.

  3. Michele, in this case the loss of Phillip’s Block is not the city’s fault. The building, while beautiful was long considered a poorly constructed firetrap and burned down in an arson-set fire in 1912.

  4. Honestly, I was going to comment as two others did and say how much I love these Archiving Angeles posts too. What the hell…I love these Archiving Angeles posts! The photos are gorgeous and enlightening. I love this building!

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