Ticket! Get Yer Ticket Here!

My A-List is either too busy or too unresponsive. It’s a short list, too. My wife can’t get off work tomorrow and my daughter’s not responding to my text messages inviting her. So the bottom line is I’m going solo to tomorrow’s Michael Jackson Memorial Service at Staples Center, which means I have this extra ticket and wristband:


Now, I’m totally averse to putting such a coveted item so grossly up for sale to the highest bidder, but I’m not averse to a little fun ‘n friendly competition in the form of my own private lottery.

So here’s the deal, short and sweet: To enter, you need to give me a haiku on anything Michael Jackson, either posted in the comments or sent via email to me, along with a valid email address. The cut-off will be either 20 submissions or 10 p.m. whichever comes first. I’ll review them and pick my favorite and announce the winner. It will then be that person’s responsibility to meet me at a location near downtown at 8:30 a.m. sharp tomorrow morning where the ticket and wristband will then be awarded.


UPDATED (10:26 p.m.): Thanks to everyone for entering. The winner is “Maximoo,” with

fallen rhinestone glove
final moonwalk to heaven
with t-shirts for sale

Runners-up after the jump

Danced your A-B-Cs
Thriller Moonwalk to the top
Always, King of Pop

– Ana

Billie Jean is not
My lover. She’s just a girl
Who wants your ticket.

– Scarlene

Buried without brain
Classic fedora rests on
Sequined legacy

– Nicole

Downtown on lockdown
Fans honoring King of Pop
Making history

– Lee

Little Michael spins
five sway together in lights
alone he shines on

– Renee

12 thoughts on “Ticket! Get Yer Ticket Here!”

  1. The newsroom silly season
    Michael Jackson passed away
    Shark attacks are now passe

  2. Michael Jackson died
    The newsroom silly season
    Shark attacks on the back page

  3. Still got it wrong…. I promise to get it right this time!
    Please don’t disqualify me.

    Michael Jackson died
    The newsroom silly season
    Shark attacks passe

  4. I can’t believe this has been up for an hour and there is (essentially) one entry.

    Other MetBlogger
    No press pass from PR flacks

  5. a.) I think Maxximoo may have done it.
    b.) If Laure is correct (I can’t read French,) this contest is over! I’ll act as your agent (for a nominal commission) and get that ticket sold a.s.a.p.

  6. laure, that’s way too many syllables, and it’s three lines. Something like this:

    Yeah beat it beat it
    Just beat it beat it beat it.
    Beat it beat it beat.

  7. thank you, internet. and thank YOU, Will. and a tip of the hat to Burns for the recommendation.

  8. According to:
    ^ van den Heuvel, Cor. The Haiku Anthology, 2nd edition, Simon & Schuster, 1986, ISBN 0671628372 p.11

    “Haiku typically contain a kigo, or seasonal reference”

    The winning haiku has no seasonal reference.

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