LA Metblogs Will Be Represented At Jackopalooza Tomorrow

I Call This My Layman's Lucky Mofo Press Pass to the Michael Jackson MemorialLooks like I couldn’t have chosen a better couple days to take off from work!

Having the good fortune to be one of the 8,750 out of a million-plus who requested tix, I just got back from biking over to Dodger Stadium running the tight gauntlet of police and stadium personnel from Sunset Boulevard up Elysian Park Avenue across Stadium Way and into “Dodgertown” to pick up the necessary ornamentation and documentation to permit me entry to and attendance at the Michael Jackson Public Memorial Service tomorrow at Staples Center.

It is pretty safe to say from the looks I got pedaling up to the ballpark that I will be the only one who claims their keys to the Kingdom of Jackopalooza via such an alien mode of transportation. Certainly my bike as well as the early hour helped me avoid any press gathered outside the Scott Avenue exit gate into Elysian Park.

14 thoughts on “LA Metblogs Will Be Represented At Jackopalooza Tomorrow”

  1. Congrats and to think you didn’t have a chance. Karma my man allows you to win, now go forth and report with fervor.

  2. You’re the only person I know who won the ticket lottery. I certainly didn’t though I work at LA Live so I can at least get past all the security since we’ve been given little stickers to identify ourselves. But that will only get me into the area past the perimeter they’ll set up. I won’t get into the actual event.

  3. All the MJ Lookalikes will be out in fullforce. That should be something to see all by itself. Wow.

  4. Wow, congrats and have a good time. Are those tickets somehow restricted to use by you only (like did they make you put the wristband on when you picked them up)? I think I’d have a hard time not selling them otherwise.

  5. Spencer, they put my wristband on me, but gave me the second one and the two tix. My wife’s declined to take the morning off and my daughter hasn’t responded to my invite so I suppose I could sell the second wristband and ticket but more likely I’ll prolly just give them to some lucky stranger stranded at the blockade. Or maybe I’ll have a contest here!

  6. Yeah it will be an fucking circus. I read in the LATimes, the Ringling Bros. Circus will be having the Elephant march from Union Station Tuesday, how fitting, MJ would’ve loved to see that.

  7. Reposting this sans CL URL because it got flagged as spam:

    Looks like they’d be hard to sell anyway. Interestingly, craigslist seems to be automatically flagging all “Michael Jackson” posts for removal though people seem to be getting around it by listing their contact info in the posting title and taking bids directly. Also no listings on eBay, leading me to believe they’re automatically removing them.

    BTW, somebody needs to check the spam filter and approve some stuff.

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