Public Raffle for MJ’s Memorial Service

For those of you who would like to join 17,499 others in releasing your angst over Michael Jackson’s death, organizers of his memorial service will be  raffling off tickets for those who register at the Staples Center website by 6 p.m. TODAY, July 4th.  Tickets either will be for the official service at Staples Center, or at the live screening of the service across the street at the Nokia Center.  Winners will be notified on Sunday.  Of course, if you don’t win, you likely, sadly, can try eBay…

One thought on “Public Raffle for MJ’s Memorial Service”

  1. I heard that initially the servers crashed because they got something like 10,000 hits/second when they opened up the raffle.

    Although there are currently very few bids (probably due to the fact that tickets won’t actually be distributed until Sunday,) there are already tons of auctions for tickets up on eBay, ranging from $.01 to $10,000. Not sure what security measures AEG will put in place, but they predicted this and will attempt to stop the scalpers from selling tickets.

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