Tea baggers in Los Angeles take it on the chin

teabaggerslaIt appears Los Angeles tea baggers will have to contain their overtaxed ire this weekend. Their planned participation in the nationwide (according to Fox News anyway) “tea party” tax revolt demonstration could not secure a permit from the city for the event.

Emails to three representatives on their site went unanswered as of this evening. I’ll update this post if I hear from them.

From their Facebook page:

Sorry, Folks. After much difficulty it appears we will not get a permit for the event. Because of the late date now we are unable to find another suitable location for July 4th.

Atlanta organizers also had to cancel their July 4th event planned at a shopping mall parking lot due to the mall’s owner not wishing to host a political event.

UPDATE: According to the Washington Independent (via HuffPo), overall this time around for the anti-tax demonstrators it’s  a bust. But the July 4th Dallas teabaggers event “will combine political speeches from columnist Michelle Malkin, Bosnia war hero Scott O’Grady, and local conservative activists with entertainment from ersatz Monkees drummer and singer Mickey Dolenz, a bluegrass Beatles cover band, and a program that lets kids edit themselves into rock videos (‘Be a star — no talent required!’)” Still no word from the Los Angeles crew.

5 thoughts on “Tea baggers in Los Angeles take it on the chin”

  1. Perhaps the teabag protesters will soon figure out that they have gotten a tax cut this year rather than tax increase. Meanwhile, if you want to do something positive on July 4 instead, you can take part in the Million Can March food drive.

  2. Teabagging…. that’s a cute term for a populace who recognises the failure of a Marxist. A people who, like Michelle Obama of old, are now disgusted with the representation in the White House. Wave your finger in our direction again, you Socialist slob, and it will be bitten off. The press is waking up. The Liberal nutjobs are putting down their cool aid. The Obamamania is being diluted. 3 and a half years. Enjoy them. Socialism is the way of the lazy and stupid, who fail to learn from the stagnancy of the European past. Don’t push an agenda, Metblogs. Just do your fucking job!

  3. Milquetoast, the term teabagger term was thrown around by extremists like you who were so clearly out of touch with the rest of the population to not get the double entendre. You also seem to rail against socialism, which is a laughable notion (you clearly have no experience with how real socialist countries are run… we’re nowhere close, nor do any of the Admins proposal come close), but more importantly, you show absolutely no regard for the First Amendment, which allows for freedom of speech. Like most whackjob extremists, when upset you resort to threats. Finally, if you know anything about bloggers, you should know the vast majority of us aren’t paid, so for you to assume this is our “job” just, again, proves how out of touch you are with reality. Please refrain from issuing any sorts of threats against Metblogs authors in the future – we don’t take them lightly.

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