The Doctor Is Very In

img_1569As John Travolta’s character Vincent Vega said about Europe in “Pulp Fiction,” “[i]t’s the little differences.”  I feel the same way about Los Angeles’ relationship to the rest of the  country.  One such “little difference” occurs if one goes to doctors in Beverly Hills.  When I do so, there is almost invariably a Celebrity Reminder at the office.  Here are three examples:

1.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, at one Beverly Hills dermatologist, an actress was asking the receptionist about using her SAG insurance for a few facial “zaps,” while a prominent comic turned television director sat waiting with his wife nearby.

2.  At my primary care physician’s office, the clerical staff, made up of chatty young women, were reading People magazine and nattering loudly about an article indicating that one of the doctor’s patients — a top female television star — was going back to rehab. When the doctor walked by and they told him about his patient’s next destination, he said “good!”

3.  At a recent visit to an ENT (“ears, nose & throat,” that is, not “entertainment”) doctor, I noticed framed gold and platinum records on his walls, complete with photos and autographs of some of the top recording acts of the past ten years, and notations indicating “x million copies sold.”  When I asked the doctor what his connection was to the recording industry, he said that he treats the throats of the lead singers and other members of the bands on the wall.

Makes sense to me, and it’s just one of those little differences that help to give Los Angeles its identity.