Classic Eats #6: Let’s Vote!


Saturday July 18 is Classic Eats #6. Time to decide where it will be and I’m keeping it simple with one location for each vote (except for the Giant Donuts…).  As you may recall, the event location will be up to you and your votes. The actual time will be determined by the where we will be going. Generally, we plan the events in the early evening (between 5 and 6) so there is time to move on to other events you may have planned for Saturday night.

Click here to vote. The voting ends July 13.

Click through past the jump for details on all candidates on the ballot.

More Classic Hollywood Cocktails – Boardners, since 1942, is right around the corner from Musso and Frank (and Skooby’s). The Art Deco rooms and bar are still gorgeous, the back patio is perfect for an afternoon’s refreshment. The glitterati used to spend time here and it’s rumored that Elizabeth Short had her last drink here before stepping into the night and becoming the Black Dahlia. Do you need further proof that Boardner’s is an LA Classic? I thought not.


Los Mexicanos – El Cholo was established in 1923 but moved to it’s most famous spot on Western, once the western most boundary of Los Angeles, in 1927. (Western was, back then, truly the West side!) They have been serving Nachos (They claim the first place to make them in LA) and margaritas ever since. Lucy’s El Adobe is more famous for famous people coming there before (and after) they were famous. Jerry Brown and Linda Ronstadt canoodled there, the Eagles when they were mere hatchlings, and many an actor working across the street at Paramount or at Raleigh Studios.

Since the location is a bit far between both these locations, the poll will have you vote for one or the other.

El Cholo

Lucy’s El Adobe

New Old Classic – Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles. Have you had this magical combo that came to us from Harlem? The restaurant is not as old as some in LA, only about 30 years or so, but the reputation is solid. We will be going to the original location on Gower in Hollywood. I’m sure there is a bar or something nearby we can adjourn to afterward to continue yakking, apres-waffle.

Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles

Giant Donuts – LA is not about subtlety. Hence the donut shops that sport GIANT DONUTS as part of their architecture. Randy’s is near LAX and Donut King II is on Western and was recently visited by a few intrepid Metblog readers/writers. And while the Donut Hole in La Puente fits into this category, it is a bit out of the way. We’ll have to go on a special trip!

Randy’s Donuts

Donut King II

3 thoughts on “Classic Eats #6: Let’s Vote!”

  1. Great selection of places. Tough choices!

    And a point of order: Elizabeth Short was indeed known to patronize Boardners, and may very well have had the last cocktail of her life there, but she was last seen alive leaving the Biltmore Hotel downtown.

  2. my heart says Boardners, but my fingers picked Lucy’s. Why can’t we double up? The Roosevelt Hotel has a bar and (albeit not very old) 25 Degrees…
    next time, Cole’s P.E. Buffet? Langer’s (since ’47)?

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