5 thoughts on “Let Your Sol Glow”

  1. Yes and after watching the USA v Brazil game I think this “soccer” business could be a spectatable sport! Someone should look into that.

  2. They also had one game this season where they sold all tickets for $5 each. I wonder if they’ll do that again.

  3. Love the title, Jason.

    The Sol’s Marta is the most famous female player on the planet. Really, do yourself a favor and check her out.

    Burns! – yes, we have one (again). This is the first season of the WPS, the new women’s soccer league. The WUSA folded in 2003. The WPS has smaller budgets than the WUSA did, and they’ve thankfully met their expected attendance figures so far (the Sol leads the league in average attendance, a little over 7,000 per game). If you have Fox Soccer Channel on your cable or satellite package, you can check out a WPS game (they air one game a week).

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