Win Tix to the Hootenanny This Saturday July 4!

Rock! Roll! Rides! Racks (guns AND girls’)! The annual Hootenanny festival’s a celebration of balls-out rock: rockabilly, psychobilly, swingbilly (ok, I made that up)–a musical smackdown of epic proportions involving quite a lot of pomaded pompadours, cuffed blue jeans, pinup beauties & candy-apple-red devil cars.

The Reverend Horton Heat

Bands include The Reverend Horton Heat, Los Lobos, Supersuckers, Horrorpops, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Nekromantix, Lee Rocker, The Blasters and lots more, plus a car show and cool swag for sale, much of which should prolly be paying Coop royalties.


Wanna go? Tell me your favorite rockabilly band & song in the comments, and post your fave passage of their lyrics. We’ll randomly choose a few winners to go rock their socks off.

9 thoughts on “Win Tix to the Hootenanny This Saturday July 4!”

  1. I am going with the original Rockabilly daddy, Elvis Presley and his song Baby Let’s Play House. That song oozes so much cool that it quite frankly still stands up shoulder to shoulder with anything any of these new cats are slinging.

    A sampling:

    Now listen to me, baby
    Try to understand.
    I’d rather see you dead, little girl,
    Than to be with another man.
    Now baby,
    Come back, baby, come.
    Come back, baby, come.
    Come back, baby, I wanna play house with you.

    A big bad Voodoo Daddy for Realz………


  2. Favorite rockabilly band? Well, I love the Reverend (and apparently hosted him on my couch after a particularly debauched weekend). The Nekromantix are also amazing, but like the Reverend are more typical of the Psychobilly genre (said the 15 year old music pedant that lives in the darkest part of my heart).

    I’m going to have to say that my favorite rockabilly band is The Bo-Stevens. They’ve got a great classic rockabilly sound.

  3. and I left off the lyrics:

    Everybody knows you’ve been steppin on my toes
    And I’m getting pretty tired of it
    You been steppin’ out of line and messin’ with my mind
    If you had any sense you’d quit.

    Ever since you were a little teeny bitty girl
    Said I was the only man in this whole world
    Girl, you better do some thinking, then you’ll find
    You got the only daddy that’ll walk the line.

  4. I’m gonna go with Rev Horton Heat and “Eat Steak”

    Eat a cow, eat a cow ‘cuase it’s good for you
    Eat a cow, eat a cow it’s the thing that goes “Mooooo”

    Look at all the cows in the slaughterhouse yeard
    Gotta hit’em in the head, gotta hit’em real hard

    or BBVD “Save my soul”…anything off that album!

  5. Southern Culture on the Skids. Or Big Sandy and the Fly-Rite Boys. Pick me! Pick me!

  6. I used to tell my girl when she’d get marryin’ on her mind
    That she’d never make a monkey out of me
    But I was just a country kid and I didn’t know the game
    And I guess you know what happened to me

    All of the monkeys ain’t in the zoo
    There’s some runnin’ loose around me and you
    Just watch when you’re in a crowd and you’ll agree too
    That all of the monkeys ain’t in the zoo

    Tommy Collins

    All of the Monkeys Ain’t at the Zoo

  7. they don’t usually fall under the category of rockabilly, But X has played most of the hootenannys

    favorite song
    “the new world”

    favorite line
    ” honest to goodness the bars weren’t open this morning, they must have been voting for a new president or something”

  8. I have wanted to see the Supersuckers perform live since finding this male/female duet and this album, at what was the loneliest point of my life. I have not listened to the song in years and am now surprised to realize that it is about a one night stand!

    Supersuckers with Amy Nelson
    The Least I Could Do
    from Down to the Promise Land: 5 Years of Bloodshot Records

    Last thing I expected on a slow Sunday night
    was to cuddle and coo you by the working man’s light,
    and when the sun started puching the stars from the sky
    I rolled over and ignored it because I can’t stand goodbye.

    You can hear the whole song (#13) and album here:

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