The continuing saga of the LAPD/Hummer/Cyclist situation

If that title means nothing to you, read these two posts for the background. There have been ongoing investigations and more and more questions from city officials about this, and over on WSBS Alex has been documenting each step of the way. In his newest post, he discusses how it seems LAPD superiors are defending reports by officers without looking into them at all which, when the initial reports are full of problems doesn’t help LAPD relations with, well, anyone.

Is it possible that a Commander and a Captain have been hoodwinked by a prejudiced officer? I think that it is. More and more as I attend these hearings I get the sense that the officers are dispatched to City Hall to report on incidents they have no prior knowledge of. It seems to be LAPD policy that these officers defend LAPD’s actions at any cost, sacrificing their personal integrity for that of the LAPD, so that LAPD can remain independent. In essence, they’re fed to the wolves.

The specific detail covered in his post is testimony from Captain Allen claiming that after reading the report he was sure the Hummer involved in the accident had plates. Cyclists involved have argued since the beginning that the lack of plates on the vehicle is what initially set things off after the driver hit a cyclists and witnesses weren’t able to get a plate number so decided to try to keep it there until police arrived. Photos from the incident, taken by witnesses confirm the lack of plates on the Hummer at the time.