3 thoughts on “Real MJ Tragedy: No Sequel to Captain EO”

  1. His life has seemed like a sad one for some time now. And eesh, the MSM coverage will be inescapable. I’m sticking with NPR for the foreseeable future.

    1. Fer sure. I had to cover him when I was working in London in 2007. His life was seriously depressing. He was living in Ireland after being kicked out of this Prince’s house in the Middle East. I’ve been to Ocean Way, where he recorded Thriller, and spoke with the people who knew him. They said he lost his mind at the end of the 1980’s. But he’s for sure an interesting contribution to American pop culture. After all, Pop culture is America’s most prolific art form. Remember in the Moonwalker movie where he played out his own death? Strange and fascinating. For a Pop Star to become immortalized, they have to die first. Too bad the end of his life was left as broken shards of his incredible talent.

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