Michael Jackson’s tigers?

mjtigersNo, I don’t know Tippi Hedren, but this just showed up in my inbox. I guess we should expect all kinds of weirdness over the next few days.

Chal – Michael Jackson’s Tigers Thriller and Sabu – Tippi Hedren

Fr: Tippi Hedren

Re: Michael Jackson

We have so suddenly lost one of the most beautiful and enchanting entertainers on our planet.  Michael Jackson was not only loved by the people of the world, for his incomparable talent, he was loved by the magnificent wild animals for which he provided the most beautiful home at his Neverland Ranch in Santa Barbara, CA.  We were thrilled to have Michael’s beloved tigers, Thriller and Sabu, join our pride here at Shambala when Michael needed a good home for them. Thriller and Sabu will always remind us of Michael.

—With Love, Tippi (Hedren) and the wild ones.

In addition – For those of you who wish to remember Michael and animals in a special way, perhaps you might consider honoring Michael with a donation to the ROAR foundation (Shambala.org) in the name of Thriller and Sabu.

Photo Caption: Michael Jackson’s beloved Tigers, Thriller and Sabu, living out their lives at the Shambala Preserve, Acton CA