Farrah Fawcett Has Left Us

images1 Farrah Fawcett died this morning in Santa Monica after a long battle with cancer. She was a shining star, who, when she was on, blazed pretty hot. Best known as THE pin-up girl of the seventies in that red bathing suit, with her long, blonde tresses flowing, she captured many boys hearts for the decade. As a little girl, I remember every guy I knew had her poster up in their room.

On the television screen, she was the interesting one to watch in Charlie’s Angels, running around in the sexiest outfits possible, fighting crime with a wide smile and kitten-like sexiness. As girls, we all secretly wanted to be like her.

As an adult, I had an opportunity to work with her.  All my images of her as a vapid, blonde bombshell vanished the minute I met her.  She saw her powerful sexuality simply as a vehicle to ride to foster her work as an actress.  She was an artist to the core. Not only was she a really fine painter, but in her acting and even in controlling her image, she came from a place of creativity, deep vulnerability and rawness.

Her blonde hair and blazingly bright smile were an easy decoy which frequently made people miss the depth of her soul and what she had to say. Yes, she could be difficult and several times on the set I cursed her. However, there was always a reason that turned out to be justified for the delays and the end result was simply stunning.
When I heard she had cancer, I hoped she would beat it. She was an intensely determined woman and I thought she might sail through this one with grace.  Maybe the truth is…. she simply left this dimension for a place where Angels really do rule.  And no Charlie’s tell her what to do!