Win Tickets to Last Derby Dolls Bout Of Season!

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The Los Angeles Derby Dolls are about to go on summer hiatus. They won’t be back until the end of August, so this is your last chance to see them…for a while.

The good news is they’re packing twice the roller derby action into the Doll Factory on Saturday, June 27, and LA MetBlogs has a pair of tickets and more for one lucky reader.

I’ve previously gone on (at length) about how awesome the Derby Dolls are. I won’t do that again; you already know this could be the most fun you’ve ever had. Instead, I’ll give you the details on the special Double-Header on Saturday, and how you can get your tickets.

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Saturday’s first bout is the Baby Doll Brawl. Beginning at 3:00pm, the Scars and Stripes will face the Meteorfights, two teams made up of the best of the Derby Dolls newer skaters. This promises to be an exciting match up, as the rookies will be working hard to show themselves as future Derby Dolls stars. The Baby Doll Brawl is also an all ages event, so it’s fun for the whole family.

The second bout will feature the Aftershockers, LA Derby Dolls’ All-Star B-team, made up of the best skaters from all four teams in the league. The Aftershockers will be looking to put a hurtin’ on the Prom Queens, Angel City Derby Girls‘ All-Star team. Doors open for the All-Star bout at 6:00pm, and this one promises to be even more exciting than the first. Keep in mind, the evening bout is strictly 21 and over, so you’ll have to drop the kids at home.

Tara Armov photo by Shutterthug. Larger with a click.
Tara Armov photo by Shutterthug. Larger with a click.

Tickets for the individual bouts can be purchased through the LA Derby Dolls, or you can get tickets for both games of the double-header for one special low price. When you go to the Dolls’ site, make sure you click the proper link for which tickets you want, but seriously…do yourself a favor and get the double-header tickets.

Killo Kitty photo by Charlie Chu. Click to embigify.
Killo Kitty photo by Charlie Chu. Click to embigify.

I mentioned a prize, right? Here is what I’ve got for you: one lucky winner will get a pair of tickets for both games of the double-header, but that’s not all. You’ll also get a photo with Aftershockers co-captains Killo Kitty and Tara Armov. They may put you in a headlock or body block you in a Derby Doll sandwich, or just generally rough you up. Whatever they do, it probably won’t hurt (much) and you’ll have a photo and a great story that will never get old. No promises, but Tara Armov may even provide the winner one of her famous Sharpie Tattoos at the after party.

For this contest there are two big ways to win big. First, you were all so good at coming up with roller derby names in the first contest, let’s do it again. Make up a derby name for me that somehow incorporates “Burns!” and leave it in the comments. The second way to win is to think “roller derby” and leave a comment with two things that just naturally go together. You know, like lipstick and bruises. Fishnets and _____. Skate wheels and _____. You get the idea.

Either method (or both) work to win. Enter as many times as you like. Contest ends Thursday, June 25 at 11:59pm pdt. Winner will be notified by email, and must confirm with me prior to noon Friday.

On a final note, big thanks to my Derby Doll pal Tae Kwon Ho. Ho is the one who has been hooking up the tickets, t-shirts and photo-ops for MetBlogs readers all season long, and she has definitely helped me surpass my own personal fun quota, too. Thanks, Ho!

25 thoughts on “Win Tickets to Last Derby Dolls Bout Of Season!”

  1. Heh. It’s the thought that counts, Ginger; all entries appreciated and considered. Masculine names will score bonus points, though.

  2. okay: Third Degree Burns! orrrr… you’re name can simply be Burns! and your number can be 3 (insert celsius symbol)!

    I win!

  3. Rug Burns! and you can wear a really bad hairpiece.

    Ok, sorry, it’s all I’ve got that even remotely makes sense.

    ICE Burns! other nick, frostbite or just ICE (in case of emergency) and you can dress like a fireman or emt or doc?

  4. 1. Mr. Burns! – full of machismo and a Simpsons reference.

    2. Turn and Burns! – just like Top Gun.

    3. Ooo, that Burns! – imagine the fans yelling that as you ride in.

  5. These are all fantastic, everybody. Keep ’em coming; I’ll get a derby name yet. Also, glad to see some new readers that haven’t entered before. Welcome. Previous entrants are, of course, encouraged to jump in, too.

    But no derby pairings? Short skirts & knee pads? Anyone?

  6. (with respectful variations on the surname)

    Frank Burner (if you like hot dogs)
    Herb Burner (if you smoke green)
    Ted Burner (if you’re a media mogul)
    (or simply) The Burner
    Richard “Don’t Call Me Dick” Burns
    Duzzit Burn
    Crash N. Burn
    Degree Burns, III, Esq.
    Frankenheit 9/11

  7. Derby pairs: Band-Aids and bullet bras. And for the name: See-gar Burns. (get it? cigar?? oh, I’m too clever. or not)

  8. You guys are killing me! Every time there are too many great entries. How can I ever pick a winner? May have to toss ’em all in a hat again. These are awesome. Keep ’em coming!

  9. Dammitray is making a late-inning drive! All good stuff, Ray. Everyone else going to let this go unanswered? Who’s up?

  10. how about skates and scars? helmets and hard hits? Jammers and Jawbreakers? skate wheels and safety gear? (ok, that’s lame)

  11. Thanks to everyone (especially you) for all the great entries. I wish I could give the prize to everyone, but sadly I have only one to give. The winner has been confirmed, and hopefully there’ll be a photo of a Derby Doll assault coming soon.

    I couldn’t list all of the great entries without naming everyone, so just know I (and Tae Kwon Ho and others who have commented to me privately) really loved them all. You all never cease to provide wonderfully creative entries, so I usually have to put all the names in a hat and draw a winner randomly.

    I’m sure from time to time there will be more contests, so please keep coming back and bringing the awesome sauce.

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