Win Tix to VNV Nation Saturday at Club Nokia!

vnvTake danceable darkwave, industrial, and a dash of Peter Murphy’s soaring goth epics, and you get VNV Nation: now on their 7th album, they still own the dancefloor at gloomy clubs nationwide. Ronan, the lead singer, is totally against type though: no brooding, rail-thin ghoul in black, he’s a slightly-rotund bouncing ball of wild energy, jumping around the stage, yelling at the top of his lungs, exhorting rooms of sullen goth kids to “put down your fucking phones and dance!”

Which I love.

Wanna go? Tell me your favorite VNV Nation lyric in the comments–or, if you prefer, tell me your favorite silly goth dance.

Info on the show is here.

2 thoughts on “Win Tix to VNV Nation Saturday at Club Nokia!”

  1. There is no faith in which to hide.
    Even truth is filled with lies.
    Doubting angels fall to walk among the living.
    I’m in this mood because of scorn.
    I’m in a mood for total war.
    To the darkened skies once more and ever onward.

    I’d only come here seeking peace.
    I’d only come here seeking me.

    It seems I came to leave.

  2. I can’t do this contest but I can’t resist sharing my current favorite lyrics (because they match my current challenges):

    And fighting time so hard I pray
    That this moment lasts forever.
    And will the world stay standing still at least for me.
    Through my eyes stare into me.
    I bear my heart for all to see.
    With my face turned to the sun there ever standing still.

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