Anti-gay infomercial airs in Los Angeles market

A group saying they represent “oppressed Christians” entered the Southern California TV market over the weekend with their anti-gay infomercial Speechless: Silencing the Christians.

Last February the organization, The American Family Association, bought air time for the 60-minute program in Michigan, Ohio and North Carolina.

It resurfaced in California on Sunday. According to GLAAD, the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, “One person saw it in West Hollywood, California on Independent Cable Channel, KDOC on Sunday, June 21, where it aired from 7 to 8 p.m.”

KDOC is based in Santa Ana but also serves Los Angeles cable markets.

KDOC’s general manager John Manzi told me, “Our plan is not to run it again.” He also mentioned that the station has nothing to do with content of infomercials nor do they endorse or agree with any of the views presented.

Speechless is hosted by ├╝ber-conservative talk radio queen Janet Parshall, who lays out the Evil Gay Blueprint at the beginning of the program:

The way Americans think about homosexuality has changed over the last two decades. And if you think that’s an accident, think again.

Two homosexual activists wrote the book in 1989, After the Ball – How America Will Conquer It’s Fear and Hatred of Gays in the ’90s. In that book, Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen laid out powerful and sophisticated propaganda techniques to manipulate people into accepting the homosexual lifestyle.

She’s right; it’s an incendiary book. But her conspiracy theory that it’s behind the growing acceptance of LGBT people is laughable. If anything, both After the Ball and reactive attacks like Speechless speak to the determination (and successes) of gay leaders and their struggle for equality in a society with an ever-evolving awareness.

Even Parshall admits in the infomercial that advances in gay rights in the last 20 years have been “breathtaking.”

If you can bear to watch it, click here.

3 thoughts on “Anti-gay infomercial airs in Los Angeles market”

  1. Oh JESUS…it just irks me when those who are NOT oppressed put viral stuff like this out there. If it’s not House Republicans and their Iran uprising comparisons to their pitiful political tug-of-wars, it’s these nuts claiming an infringement on rights and the “decline of America” because two people with matching sexual organs are doing the nasty.

    Tisk, tisk, tisk.

    HAHAHA, in part 2, the lesbo lady Christine, aiding those out of their “disgusting” homo lifestyles, says she would do boyish things in childhood, like “riding my bicycle over a ramp.” Yes, obviously, we can see why you’re – sorry, I mean WERE – gay, cuz all those sports and stuff as a young one obviously steered you in that DISGUSTING direction! Let that be a warning to all! No sports for pretty little girls, mmmkay?

    Oh, we still have a long way to go, don’t we?

  2. Someone needs to point out the meaning of the word ‘oppression’ to these people. They seem confused by it and have the notion that “People don’t agree with us” means “oppressed.”

  3. I would like to learn these “sophisticated propaganda techniques to manipulate people into accepting the homosexual lifestyle.” My techniques are ok, but there’s always room for improvement.

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