Going Berzerk

ring-masterCirque Berzerk‘s “Beneath” opened to thunderous applause and a TMZ-worthy star-studded crowd Thursday night under the big top at Los Angeles State Historic Park (aka “The Cornfield.”)

Cirque Berzerk is an updated version of a circus from long ago. You’ll find many of your favorite acts. Contortionists, acrobats, aerialists and punk rock clowns among others, but this show offers so much more. Cirque Berzerk may be a circus at its heart, but it is also a dark cabaret with burlesque dancers and a touch of modern vaudville. The show’s original music, composed by Cirque Berzerk co-creator Kevin Bourque, is performed live on stage

The show is wildly entertaining and at times astounding. There is much laughter, but more often than not I found myself lifting my jaw from the floor, where it had fallen in astonishment. By the end of the show I wanted nothing more than to run away with the circus

Follow me into the next dimension for more photos, video, and how you can experience this spectacle for yourself.

production-managerThe following video shows an accident during fire breathing rehearsal. It should be noted that the featured performer has fully recovered and can be seen nightly under the Berzerk Big Top.


Performances of “Beneath” are scheduled through July 5th. Show time is 8:30pm on Thursdays and Fridays, 7:00 & 10:00pm Saturdays, and 8:00pm on Sundays. Tickets can be purchased directly from Cirque Berzerk’s ticketing page. **EDIT** Cirque Berzerk has proven to be so popular that the engagement has been extended through Sunday, July 26. Get your tickets now, before they sell out!


This circus is aimed at a more mature audience, so while kids may be invited, parental discretion is advised. Don’t forget to stick around after the show. Join the cast in the Berzerk Lounge for the after-party, where cocktails will flow and Vaud & The Villains will provide the music.

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  1. Hey, Lucinda (and everybody!) I just got word that Cirque Berzerk’s run has been extended through Sunday, July 26. Now even more chances to see it. It’s awesome! Don’t miss it.

  2. So glad they extended. And wow – that’s quite the fire breathing accident. Not for the faint of heart.

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