Speaking of death and traffic…

Memento mori
Memento mori

In keeping with the fact that this bumper sticker was found on a Prius, we might expect the moral being conveyed is that one brings about death by unsafely talking on a cell phone while driving.  Of course, with Obama’s admirable push for increased fuel efficiency in automobiles, hybrid cars will probably no longer carry quite the ethical cache they have for the last few years (heck, some American car maker might actually, finally, start making the damn things).

I prefer just to read the sticker as indicating that the driver on board is in a conversation with death (aren’t we all).  Sort of Max von Sydow leaving the set of The Seventh Seal and heading on up to a goth party in Hollywood.

4 thoughts on “Speaking of death and traffic…”

  1. It’s all about context. I’ve seen this image on a poster or a building before, but never on a car bumper sticker, and thus had never given it the additional meaning we both give it now. It’s all about the context. I remember having a discussion about this image a couple of years ago, describing it to 2 friends, who said they didn’t like the idea. But who cares what they think? It moved me and still does.

    Now, as far as Priuses being no longer the mpg wunderkinds in the face of new federal “CAFE” vehicle fuel economy standards
    (including a required 42 mpg fleet average for cars) which are supposed to take effect fully by 2016, I wish that would happen this way, but am not holding my breath.

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