Mindshare: Enlightened debauchery

More restaurants need sawdust floors
More restaurants need sawdust floors

Being only a first-time attendee, I cannot quite say exactly what Mindshare LA is, but I’m sure it is something I want to go back to for future monthly events.  Mindshare advertises itself–beyond with the “enlightened debauchery” slogan–as “an evening of inspiration and interaction in Downtown LA.” (on the third Thursday of each month).  It’s a mixture of a trance club, a museum, and a lecture series.  Perhaps its program of past events gives my dear readers a sense.  Think of it as “TED light”, or maybe Wired Magazine with dancing.  A short talk I enjoyed, for example, was A Short History of Hollywood’s Genitalia Coverups.

I was taken to this event by my lovely Virgil, with whom I had the pleasure of visiting for the first time the nearby Philippe’s Restaurant.  Philippe’s is one of two Los Angeles restaurants claiming to have originated the french dip sandwich.  Whatever  exegetic judgment one might make of the competing claims of Philippe’s and Cole’s, we figured the visit was of fair historical value.  A diner simply has to love any restaurant with the good graces of sprinkling sawdust on its floor.  Who ever claimed Los Angeles wasn’t the deep south?

Mindshare itself is currently held at The Firehouse at Santa Fe and E 7th, one of those hipster industrial zones that proudly proclaim their artistic credentials once properly reutilized.  This space, I understand from speaking with organizers and attendees at the event, is the expanded space after attendance grew past 300 and outgrew previous spaces.  Future events may or may not be here, but by all means sign up for their mailing list to find out future schedules.

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  1. So cool you posted about this… I have been wanting to check this out for ages…. good incentive1

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