The Big Pick: Oranges

800px-orangesWe here at Metblogs are all about community gardening.  Take that mentality just a teeny step further and you have Food Forward, a local, volunteer-based group that aims to alleviate urban hunger by gathering fruits (with permission) from private property owners lucky enough to have fruit trees smiling in their backyards.  The bounties are then donated to various food pantries, most notably  the SOVA Community Food and Service Program.  While they pick at various small properties throughout the region (“Mini Picks”) each month,  Food Forward’s major event is the Big Pick which, as you can imagine, is the Pickiest of the Picks.  The first Big Pick a few months ago yielded almost 5,000 pounds (5,000 pounds!) of sweet Valencia oranges.  Sunday, June 28 is the next Big Pick, and Food Forward is welcoming volunteers to help pick excess oranges from the enormous 6 acre orange grove on the Cal State Northridge campus.  There are ample volunteers for the morning session, but a few spots in the afternoon (1-4pm) remain.  Best part is that the afternoon session is open to families and children (kids under the tween age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult).  That’s right, bring your kids, expose them to fact that fruit grows on trees, and teach each other proper picking practices.  You never know when your newfound picking skillz will come in handy.

Email your RSVP for the Big Pick to Rick Nahmias, Food Forward’s founder, at [email protected]  You also can leave a message with Food Forward at (818) 530-4125 – be sure to include your name, email addy, age, and phone number.

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