This Saturday – SOS Picnic

n114877028101_3504You know what is awesome? Picnics. You know what else is awesome? State parks. You know what sucks? Losing those state parks because of some jerks bad financial decisions. This Saturday some of us will be having a picnic in Will Rogers State Park, while we can still call it that. The picnic will actually be rallying for two issues…

1) Protesting Arnold’s suggestion to remove funding for State Parks which means many would be shut down including Will Rogers where the picnic is being held.

2) Protesting Arnold’s suggestion to remove the required time that animals are held in shelters from 6 days to 3 days and the funds to supplement the shelters to do this. Volunteer organizations today already scramble to find homes for pets, and this is going to mean more animals are euthanized. Imagine a lost pet getting euthanized b/c he lost his tags and is not chipped!

Want to join us? Please do! RSVP on this Facebook event page or just meet us around noon at the Picnic Area. Look for the gigantic Hello Kitty Pinata.

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