It Caught My Eye: Takes One To Know One


One might deduce from the “Fly the friendly skies” license plate frame above the “United Will Stand” bumpersticker that this transplanted Coloradan might be an enthusiastic employee of that airline. From the handwritten black-and-blue demand marring the trunk one could also reasonably establish that what passes for humorous to some is crassly moronic to others. Welcome to Los Angeles, douchebag. What a shame you feel compelled to make the streets far less friendlier than the skies you want me to fly.

7 thoughts on “It Caught My Eye: Takes One To Know One”

  1. Well, gbarnwell, while there are plenty of people who would say that’s the first word that came to mind when thinking about me, I do not share their low opinion and thus I did not honk. Instead I blogged — which may make me a bigger asshole.

  2. Sorry, I honk at those Nestle’s Quik billboards, so I thought the question was valid.

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