The Hot Dog Death March Was A Success!

A big Metblogs THANK YOU to all who came along on this past weekend’s Hot Dog Death March–we made lots of new friends & bonded with old ones. How can you not bond, after all, over weenies & pastrami & chili wrapped in a tortilla? It’s like going to war. If you live, you come back with friends for life.

Photo by regular commenter & Metblogs friend Mr. Hooks.
Photo by regular commenter & Metblogs friend Mr. Hooks.

And live we did! Between 40-50 Death Marchers converged on Pink’s around 3pm on Saturday. Pink’s was incredibly kind & gifted us our first 20 or so chili dogs and drinks. Thank you, Pink’s! A big thanks to Oki-Dog & Skooby’s as well for being such good sports. Skooby’s also gifted us a few shirts to give away–thanks guys!

We played hot dog games, enjoyed hot dog trivia, shared hot dog haiku and gave out hot dog prizes! Big ups to Julia for getting the t-shirts and the temporary tattoos made with Spencer’s great logo, and then giving them all away for free! What a gal!

There are more recaps on our Hot Dog Death March blog, as well as 278 (and growing) photos in our Hot Dog Death March photo pool on flickr, so check ’em all out! Chal took video of our Hot Dog Haiku contest which we’ll be posting shortly.

One Death Marcher, David, sent us this mp3 of an old punk song about Oki-Dog. Here it is, with a montage of photos from Saturday, taken by Mr. Hooks, Superdave, Skosakura & Abiko79 on flickr. Enjoy!


9 thoughts on “The Hot Dog Death March Was A Success!”

  1. I wish I could have been there, but you know, I had a *ahem* procedure involving a very long needle and weeping. Looks like it was a glorious day of indulgence!

  2. It was a great time! Huge thanks again to Julia and Lucinda for make the whole thing happen.

    And, what is Verdell talking about? I didn’t feel any earthquakes on Saturday, so I’m pretty sure it wasn’t that kind of *ahem* prodedure.

  3. I’m still blown away at how Julia and Luce created this event from scratch, and turned it into something so big, so thoroughly executed, so well-covered, so creative, and so much damn fun. Bravo! And as an added bonus, I didn’t get the least bit sick! Then again, I didn’t have the full Oki-dog “procedure” ….

  4. Aw, dang it. It was a great time! Thanks for saving us shirts!

    I never do anything fun….wah….

    Now, who’s going to the Air Guitar Championships on Friday????
    Someone whose name rhymes with, uh, “Weff” is competing as …

    Guitar-th Vader.

    (that would be, uh, me.)

  5. Yo it was awesome! I did have the triple death march supreme including the full on Oki-Dog and survived without blowback or measureable unpleasantness. Although next morning I did wake up thick and woozy in what can only be called a hot dog fog. Congrats Julia & Luce for the WIN!!

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