Our ideas are in everyone’s cell phone

Long live the wildcat strike
Long live the wildcat strike

Sorry for the absence, readers. Whimsy brings me back though.  Somewhere in LA, perhaps everywhere in LA, chaos reigns this week.  Or at least such is the hope of some artists from UCLA’s REMAP (Research in Engineering, Media and Performance).  This community art project–inspired, so we are told, by situationism–brings ludic activity to geographic loci of LA.  Hmmm… putting that is smaller words, they want us to play this week, and report the results.  In the words of enGage ludiCity:

enGage ludiCity is a process-driven cultural performance composed of three distinct stages:

1) ludus constituo ~ personal disruptive ludic actions (June 13-19)

2) ludus locus ~ collective situationist ludic engagement (June 20)

3) ludus meditor ~ dialogic ludic reflection (After June 20)

It’s simple really… or at least my first impression seems to be. Register for the Situationist Messaging System (SMS), and do things.  After all, Los Angeles will not be sunny until the day when the last bureaucrat has been hung with the guts of the last capitalist!

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  1. These “three stages of process-driven cultural performance” sound like Harry Potter spells.

    Ludus constituo!

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