ICME: completely useless even if free

freetvEven if free this ANALOG TV with the cracked case is completely useless.  I’m not sure how exactly it started, but my neighbor has decided rather than get a yard sale permit and clean out his house in one fell swoop, has taken to putting “free” stuff on the end of his driveway Sundays.  Not much is usually picked up, even less like this “hazardous waste” gets picked up by our trash service on Monday.  (Electronics need to be recycled as hazardous waste at e-waste round-ups that several communities in the SGV have several times a year).

2 thoughts on “ICME: completely useless even if free”

  1. I also hate people who put crap out on the curb, hoping people will take it… leaving it out for some kid to just smash, but more likely to collect dust or make the whole neighborhood look like a dump.


    Completely useless? Huh? Don’t be hatin’ on the analog!
    I have two analog TVs at home that work just fine. I have cable TV. Anyone with satellite TV can also use an analog TV. And even if you have neither, a converter box will allow you to pick up HD signals in most places.
    Analog TVs are also great to use as backups to play DVDs or videogames.
    Far from completely useless.

  2. I think the cracked wide open case is the tip off this is a useless TV, could be wrong. The analog part just ices the useless cake.

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