Meet Us at 3pm at Pinks!

Look for the sign!
Look for the sign!

The LA Metblogs Hot Dog Death March launches its ungainly trajectory into the upper gastrointestinal tract of Los Angeles this afternoon at 3pm, at Pink’s Hot Dogs in Hollywood.

Bring change & bills for parking.

Beware parking signs.

Pop a Tagamet around 2pm.

We’ll be arriving at Oki-Dog around 5pm, possibly sooner depending on how quickly we exit Pink’s–but we’ll be limited by the massive line there.

Julia & myself will be there to meet you at 3pm…you’ll know us by the hot dog hats & Hot Dog Death March sign.

Follow us on twitter @HDDMLA to keep up with our…progress, if you can call it that.

9 thoughts on “Meet Us at 3pm at Pinks!”

  1. I can’t wait to read the re-cap and wish I could have made it. Kid sports are taking their toll on the old social life.

  2. aw, dammit. Donna took a 7 hour test and I went to choir practice and then…we fell asleep. Have the hot dogs stopped screaming? I bet it was yummy!

  3. Oh Jeff and Donna, as core Classic Eaters, I have t-shirts for you!

    Next time we have Classic Eats I’ll be sure to bring them…sorry to have missed you.

  4. “Oki-Dog was less disgusting than I thought it would be…less good with each bite.”

    I believe Mr. Hooks nailed it. I was trying to think of how to describe the Oki-Dog, and this is it.

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