It Caught My Eye: Siht Happens, The Sequel

I don’t know what it is about June and the city’s Bureau of Street Services. Maybe this is the month its designated spellchecker goes on vacation, but it was this time last year when I found this awesome typo painted large and in charge on 4th Street just west of Highland.

And yesterday biking home from work past a HiFiTown block cordoned off for some slurry coating of its street, I encountered this transposed chuckler:


3 thoughts on “It Caught My Eye: Siht Happens, The Sequel”

  1. The funny thing, is that it seems to innate to this department and Caltrans, from signs to road painting. Years ago, I once watched as Caltrans put down ‘busses’ on the street. I said, “The means ‘kisses’. They looked at me, at each other, then waved me off. I started taking pictures because that’s funny to me.

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