Lakers. Frikkin. Rule.

imagesNo doubt about it! Lakers Rocked! The Rolled! They Rule!  I am sooooo proud to live in Los Angeles and feel the love for the Lakers!

Yep. Tonight’s game was perhaps the finest, most nail biting event I’ve experienced in ages. And it all came down to overtime where the Lakers kicked magic ass!

Despite being a cheerleader in high school, (yikes! I can’t believe I’m publicly admitting that!) I’ve never been much of a sports fan. Until this year, when MFM (my fabulous man), Dan, introduced me to the best team on the planet. The Lakers of course.

And tonight they really outdid themselves. Kobe, doing his Black Mamba moves, Lamar hangin’ in there, and finally FISH! YEAH! Knocking it down not one, but two, three pointers to win the game. What a team. What a game. Thank you Phil Jackson.  And yes, they deserve the championship!

5 thoughts on “Lakers. Frikkin. Rule.”

  1. How about some love for Ariza? Huge 3rd quarter, and a big 3 late in the 4th for the Lakers. Plus, even more LA connection by being one of two Bruins on the future champions.

  2. You are so right!!!!! Ariza was magnificent and has really played well this whole championship. He’s come into his own in the whole play-offs.

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