It Caught My Eye: Monster Truck

img_0002Under the same Santa Monica Freeway overpass where last year I discovered this Peace Puzzle, today I biked up on a motorized mammoth from a bygone era, with an ungainly and previously unknown manufacturer’s name to match: Gerstenslager — which sounds much more like a beer than a truck that could carry and deliver vast quantities of the sudsy stuff (the picture at right does the ratzafratzin’ June Gloom much more justice than the truck’s size, but click for a larger image):

Turns out the monster’s maker has a bit of a unique history in that The Gerstenslager Company has been around since 1860 and in the 1920s stopped producing buggies and wagons in favor of specialized truck bodies. According to its Wikipedia page, “In the 1950s the company was best known for making large custom vehicles such as Bookmobiles, canteens and mobile television units.”

Even more relevant in light of tomorrow’s Hot Dog Death “March,” Gerstenslager is perhaps most famous for the five Wienermobiles it designed and built in 1952 for Oscar Mayer — one of which is on display at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Mich.

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