The Oki-Dog…In Case You Didn’t Know


I did a little recon last week for our Hot Dog Death March and visited Oki-Dog, where I met the owner, who is an enormously pleasant, but surprisingly not enormous, gentleman who looks like he stumbled out of a Cheech & Chong flick and swore next time I showed up he’d buy my Oki Dog.

THERE WILL BE A TEST (I’m not kidding), so familiarize yourself with Oki-Dog now: check out the flickr set. Take copious notes.

13 thoughts on “The Oki-Dog…In Case You Didn’t Know”

  1. @oren: That’s my favorite part. Must Tard? Is that a directive? A statement?

    “Get out of my way! I must tard!” [drools]

    Does this make me mean to differently abled people, if I find this funny?

    Grease the pole, boys–I can’t get to hell fast enough!

  2. I could be wrong, but I thought I heard that the original Oki Dog was a different place that isn’t around anymore, and this one is not related to the first. Am I way off?

  3. The original “famous punk rock hang out” Oki Dog was at Santa Monica and Vista.

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