T Minus 2 Days To Hot Dog Death March!

hotdogdeathmarchThat very special Classic Eats Episode in which we eat wieners and answer wacky trivia questions. (Not necessarily in that order.) Over on the Hot Dog Death March Blog is an update on the prizes and games we have planned for you. As well as info about the “March” portion of the day. Check it out there.

Our most exciting contest is the Hot Dog Haiku. I hope you’ve been working on yours. I wrote one to get you inspired to do better:

Sauerkraut and bun,
Cradle the steaming wiener.
Hey! Where’s the ketchup?

I know you can do much, much better!

Don’t forget to bring a few extra dollars (if you can) to donate to the building of toilets in rural India as part of “HDDM Gives Back.” See more information on that charity on the Poop Report website.

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