Big hair doesn’t save the wicked

Spector deflowered and Prejean dismissed.

spectorbaldprejean2The synchronicity of a rug-less Phil Spector prison photo released by the CA State Corrections Department and the news that big hair-sporting Miss California USA, a.k.a. Carrie Prejean, opposite marriage defender, getting her ass fired by none other than architecturally-coiffed Donald (“You’re fired!”) Trump for treating people “like shit” probably doesn’t say anything about the Power of Hair.

But I’m sure glad I got mine cut last night at Rudolphos, the upscale branch of the Rudy’s chain on Melrose and Orange. To my exacting requirements, it may have cost nearly twice as much as a cut at the low-end shop, but it looks twice as good and it took four times longer, clocking in at 40 minutes.

Two reasons for my haircut: Saturday’s Hot Dog Death March and Sunday’s Gay Pride blow-out in WeHo– another sort of weiner parade.

4 thoughts on “Big hair doesn’t save the wicked”

  1. I’m glad The Donald wasn’t snowed by that woman. Her horrible attitude seemed clear to me. Anyone who manipulates others to get herself a set of boobs isn’t exactly a nice girl.

  2. I do my cut at bimbos with scissors, use a coupon and belong to the frequent cut program, every 8th or 10th is free. Who cares…its just hair and it will grow back.

    Great pic of phil, you beat me to the post.

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