11 thoughts on “Win Tix to Neko Case at Greek Theatre This Friday!”

  1. I first fell in love with Neko Case’s music when I heard her wishing she was the moon.

  2. I was driving South on the 118 on a Saturday, returning from a visit with my family. A beautiful voice sang, “The most tender place in my heart is for strangers,” and from that moment I was completely hooked.

  3. I was a late Case finder. Loved her vocals with the New Pornographers, never knew she also did solo. The first time I played “This Tornado Loves You,” I would forever be hers.

  4. I was first smitten by Neko on a Saturday in 2000. I believe the date was May 20. I was bartending at Iota Club & Cafe in Arlington, VA and she was performing along with Kelly Hogan and a makeshift backup band of Boyfriends. I can’t remember who split the bill with Neko but after she belted “Mood to Burn Bridges” that was it – seemed it was just me and Neko in Iota. I was head-over-heels in love with that voice. (It was soon after this that I was fired from the job).

    Over the years I’d run into her around Chicago or Austin and thank her for what a treat that was.

    I’ve lived in LA for almost four years now. I’m ready for my Neko fix.

  5. As I’m a MB writer, I won’t enter (and if elected, I will not serve) but I just had to share: I saw Neko Case do a show in the early naughts at the Knitting Factory in NYC with Carolyn Mark– just the two of them singing together. Neko played acoustic guitar, a drummer joined in for the last few songs. They called themselves The Corn Sisters. Truly memorable.

  6. I don’t remember the exact date, but i remember the time. Riding along in a friend’s crazy low slung closed up sports car as we made our way across the valley and as the sun set this ghostly voice started working its way into my brain. The next day I went and grabbed everything I could find.

  7. I think it was around 2002, and I had just popped “The Gift” into the DVD player, and they actually had sort of a promo for the soundtrack before the movie started. I was totally enchanted by Neko’s haunting vocals, and the next day I bought Furnace Room Lullaby.

  8. My friend put “Mood to Burn Bridges” on a mix tape, ten years ago. It was the perfect anthem for me at the time. I’ve followed her ever since.

  9. It was about three months ago. I had spent the day and night at a friend’s house in Santa Barbara. At around 3 a.m. I decided to head back to LA (sober as I was from having abstained all day) and grealy looking forward to the traffic-free drive in the wee hours with the black ocean out my passenger-side window. She mae a disc with many songs and scrawled on it with a Sharpee marker: “Seven is 7.” I asked her what it meant, she would only repeat the phrase. As I drove home, I listened to the disc from the start. Somewhere near Carpenteria I heard the most amazing voice coming from my car stereo. I loved what I was hearing! I glanced at the track number on the LED display. It said “7” and it was Neko singing ‘Star Witness.’ I replayed it nonstop the rest of the way home, and thus never got past seven.

  10. I got Blacklisted when it came out and spun it for a two weeks none stop. For whatever reason I listened to it off and on after that. However, once Fox Confessor came out and her version of the Shangri-La’s “The Train from Kansas City” absolutely floored me and I’m not a huge fan of covers. Pulled out Blacklisted and been listening to her every since.

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