GOOD Magazine moves to survive

In a cost cutting measure, GOOD Magazine moved out of its stylish Melrose headquarters last week and into a new space a few blocks away on Citrus off of Highland.

Considering it had only moved into its previous offices at the end of last year, it’s a fast turn of events for the magazine, which skipped its second full issue of this year to instead publish a tongue-in-cheekĀ  “stop-gap” flyer about the new economic reality.

As I pointed out in a previous post about the magazine’s temporary financial woes, it also is cutting back from six to four print issues a year.

GOOD is not alone in key respects: The downturn in print media specifically, along with the global economic downturn in general in combination with its admitted overspending during headier financial times, necessitated the scaling down.

The next issue will focus on the planet’s threatened water supply, a topic any Angeleno should find relevant, what with the recently imposed mandatory water restrictions in LA.