A Big Metblogs Welcome To Journalist Marc Haefele

The Dean Of City Hall Reporters has arrived at LA Metblogs. Over many a maté [NOT a latte], Mr. Marc Haefele & I conspired to unleash his killer prose upon you unsuspecting readers.

Haefele has been digging up the dirt on City Hall and LA politics for more than 25 years, in pubs as scrappy as my own LA Alternative, various & sundry weeklies, and as award-winning as the LA Times and KPCC. Where he talks. On the radio. (For those who can’t hear him, he has a deep and sonorous voice, gentle yet infused with childlike glee when describing his car chases up the 405, pursuing the smoked-windowed vehicles of mysterious political donors).

A quick Google of his name will land you with a good idea of his pedigree, but what’s most impressive is his passion for Los Angeles, a maté made right, South American adventures, barbecue, his lovely lady, and his cat, not necessarily in that order. I hope very much this blog will be added to that list. Welcome to LA Metblogs, Mr. Marc Haefele.

Don’t miss his 1st post, below, and here.

7 thoughts on “A Big Metblogs Welcome To Journalist Marc Haefele”

  1. Marc Haefele!? I’m not worthy! I’m not worthy! Welcome, Mr. Haefele. I’ve admired your writing for years and can’t imagine how much ass you’re going to kick over here.

  2. Welcome! Among all our citizen journalists, it’s nice to have a journalist citizen.

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