Photo by Neil Berrett
Photo by Neil Berrett

Heidi “Bluegirl” Calvert is teaming up with twisted performance troupe Art Of Bleeding to present an evening of naughty nurses, gorey performance art and bandages applied for all the wrong reasons.  Fever! hits the Infusion Gallery this Saturday June 13th at 9 pm with a medical disco dress code.  So, break out your hospital gowns, six inch heels, gauze and glitter for a sick evening of disease driven expression. 

Featured artists include Heidi Calvert, Al Ridenour, Muffinhead, Debra Haden, Paul Torres, Eban Lehrer, VK7, Marianne Williams, Miss Numa, Alan Deforest, Auriana- Lynn, Radhika Heresy, Paul Zollo, Rajiv Jain, Jason Hadley, June Julliet, Jezebelle X, Dr. Mangor, Jerry Shawback, and Joe Holliday.  Live performances throughout the evening from Art of Bleeding’s Ambulance Theater & Nursing Fetish Ward will melt your brain while DJ Howie Pyro spins the soundtrack to your demise.

Fever! is 18+ with a bar available for those who can legally kill brain cells. $8 donation at the door ( only $6 for those in themed costume ).

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