A Very Special Classic Eats: Hot Dog Death March This Saturday (June 13)

Hot Diggity!
Hot Diggity!

Are you hungry for hot dogs yet? I sure am!

This Saturday, June 13 is HD-Day and there is so much to look forward to. First of all the hot dogs: Pink’s has about a jillion varieties, Oki-Dog will scare you straight and Skooby’s will rock you with their swinging style. And while all these dogs will be worth any wait in line, we will also be having some fun to distract you while you queue.

First there will be trivia contests. Study up on your Hot Dog and Hollywood facts and history, there will be prizes for correct answers. Then there will be the artistic portion of the day wherein you will have written a Hot Dog Haiku and you will read it aloud. Best haiku (decided by applause) gets a great prize and the haiku will be posted on the HDDM website. And if your inclination runs to costumery, then come dressed as your favorite hot dog or hot dog related character or thing and we’ll decided on a wiener of the costume contest.

The details again:

Saturday June 13th
3pm start at Pink’s (La Brea and Melrose)
Then to Oki Dog (860 N. Fairfax)
Finish at Skooby’s (6654 Hollywood Blvd)
(We are not actually walking or marching, this is LA after all!)
Event is free, but each person pays for their own meals.

Donations being accepted to help build toilets in rural India. Check out the Poop Report Website.

More details to come this week. Check out the Hot Dog Death March website for other info and fun articles.

(Dodger Dog photo by dabruins07 used via creative commons license.)

7 thoughts on “A Very Special Classic Eats: Hot Dog Death March This Saturday (June 13)”

  1. Big stinky Bummer!!! I can’t come. It seems it’s my sisters birthday that day and we have dinner reservation at another venue at 6. If I really wanted to push it I might be able to make just Pinks, which I’ll have you know was one of the few words my father could still utter after his stroke. None of his children, or for that matter wives names, but Pink’s he would announce clearly several times a week as lunch time approached. The power of the hot dog.

  2. As someone who moved here from Madison, Wisconsin, Oscar Meyer’s corporate home, having the weiner mobile at HDDMLA would add too much of a midwestern spin, methinks. Anyway, have fun all. I will be in DC but thinking of you on your dog day.

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