Of Clouds For Days And A Blue Star Craze

The annual Los Angeles River Ride is taking place as I type this, but yesterday was my time on the waterway spent posting the ride’s route signage¬† with my friend Stephen “Mr. Rollers” Roullier and first-time volunteer Bobby, a transplant last year from Portland, Ore. The three of us spent the morning hanging southbound and northbound directional markers between Olympic Boulevard in Boyle Heights and Imperial Highway in South Gate, marveling pretty much every pedal of the way at the dramatic cloud-filled skies that were impossible to ignore, such as this moment coming west across the 6th Street Bridge after we’d finished and were heading towards Steve’s suggestion of the Blue Star Restaurant for lunch (click to maxify):


Bonus this year: Steve and I weren’t hassled by the Vernon PD! Even more FTW: Blue Star — an oasis of neat eats and cool peeps at 2200 E. 15th Street amidst an otherwise industrio-desolated section of the city that might be described as the Scrap Metal District. One of the Saturday-only specials on the menu was something called a Shields Dateburger — with a side of mac ‘n cheese at $13.50 certainly one of the priciest in the burgerverse, but seriously: The Best Tasting Burger I Have Ever Had.¬† I’ve already made plans to go back for another one next Saturday.

Flickr photoset viewable here, includes a few photos of Blue Star sometime-chef’s fully restored 1941 Czechoslovakian air-cooled rear-engine Tatra V8, which was parked out front in the space reserved for Awesome.

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  1. I miss the good ole days of IAAL rides in my hood. Sadly nothing and I mean nothing can tear me away from my motorcycles on the weekends. Don’t you guys want to take the IAAL in a new direction and get Ducati’s?. Trade the river for the glorious 65 miles of Angeles Crest Highway to Wrightwood?

    Ride safe old friends.

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