LAPD responds promptly to piracy, ignores larger public concerns

I’m going to be brief and bloggy and ranty for a moment:

1. Last night at 4am I couldn’t get to sleep because of music blaring from the roof of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel over 4 blocks away. When I arrived in the lobby there were two other neighbors there as well, one had been there over 45 minutes. The hotel acknowledged the music started at 2am. It took over an hour for the police to respond (the music finally stopped around 4:30am).

2. Yesterday, blogger “Toastycake” wrote that he went to see “The Hangover” at the Arclight with a friend who stars in the film, and took a still of the screen when said friend appeared. Arclight staff took notice, escorted Toastycake out of the theatre where four LAPD officers were waiting to give him a verbal lecture on piracy.

More on the whole Roosevelt situation later – but 4 officers respond almost immediately to a piracy complaint, but it takes more than an hour for them to respond to numerous residents complaining about being woken up by music at 3am?

h/t Molls She Wrote

3 thoughts on “LAPD responds promptly to piracy, ignores larger public concerns”

  1. Well there ya go: If you’d gone over to the hotel with a pirate hat and a boom mic making obvious attempts to bootleg audio of the music blaring from the roof you could have gotten the lightning-fast LAPD anti-piracy quartet to respond that much sooner!

    But then they would’ve just lectured you and left the music alone, so nevermind.

  2. In my experience, an hour to respond to a noise complaint is pretty prompt for the LAPD. I’ve had them take four or five hours to respond to calls about people in the process of shooting and smoking heroin directly in front of my house in the middle of the afternoon on a weekday. Other times I’ve called and been told that they were only responding to life threatening emergencies because the city was on “tactical alert” due to a single car chase that was all the way down in Long Beach. The terrifying reality is that we live in a city with essentially no reliable police protection.

    The LAFD, on the other hand, kicks ass.

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