Hot Dog Death March High Fashion

hotdogfriendsThe LA Hot Dog Death March is just a few days away, and we’ve got your t-shirts, temporary tattoos, and attitude.

Ryan at losanjealous does not endorse it and will be praying for our survival.

Maria & Mike at Franklin Avenue think we’re trying to kill you.

Even Kevin Roderick mentioned us over at LA Observed (although he egregiously omitted Julia, the 1st half of the planning committee).

So. Are you coming? Are you willing to RISK IT ALL for GLORY?! Details are here.

I stopped by Oki-Dog yesterday for a little reconnaissance. Photos coming soon.

16 thoughts on “Hot Dog Death March High Fashion”

  1. As much as I can’t even think about this thing because I am physically training for an upcoming production… I am envious and dig the shirts.

  2. I sooo want to do this but will be in the Valley all weekend with basketball tournaments with the ARC league. Bummer as I really wanted in.

  3. I’m going to try to come, and bring a few dog eaters too. Where can we get our hands on t-shirts? and do they come in kids sizes?

  4. I would have commented sooner, but I had to pick myself up off the floor from laughing so hard at the hot dogs on our heads! Notice please that mine is at a jaunty angle. Also, harder to see but we are wearing hot dog earrings.

    I’ve ordered about 40 t-shirts, 12 of which are spoken for at this point (for my Classic Eats Core Crew). So depending on when you get there, there maybe shirts left. I didn’t get kids shirts though, sorry!

  5. I can’t wait. The naysayers (I’m lookin’ at you, losanjealous) are just scared. Those of us not afraid to test our own mettle will happily step up to the plate and grab our wieners.

    Wait…I think I may have mixed metaphors there. Or something.

  6. You two look so freakin’ cute I want to bite you! Or a hot dog. Unfortunately, I think I’m gonna be out of town on the fated day…. but if not, I’ll be passing the mustard with you.

  7. Oh.

    1. those pictures made me feel funny.
    2. one beeeg shirt for me? 2X, 3X? Please?
    3. I’m already softening up my buns.

  8. Oh Flower of High Rank — as you and your lovely Mrs. Flower are Classic Eats die-hard regulars, you KNOW there is a shirt with your name on it!

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