An Exquisite Case Of Crappy Timing

In the op-ed section of yesterday’s there’s a column from some guy named Dan Turner who decided after a few miles biking  along the L.A. River Bikeway from Griffith Park to Atwater Village to write about how the wretched waterway is sooooo grody and even moreso not worth the monumental amount of money and time and planning needed to make it ungrody.

Defensive as I am about the river like it’s my disabled kid brother, I’m not unrealistic about its condition or the gargantuan effort required for a headwaters-to-mouth revitalization that I won’t see realized in my lifetime. I just get a little fisty and expletive-laced when a guy gets on a bike for a single spin along a four-mile stretch and comes away as something of an expert putting his name to printed opinions under subheadlines that say stuff like: “At its best, the waterway is an above-ground sewer filled with nastiness and lined by graffiti-scarred concrete and smoke-belching industrial buildings.”

But the guy’s entitled to his opinion. He’s certainly not alone.

My real beef, beyond Turner’s limited, disgusted view is the timing of the piece. Why  would the L.A Times put a hater on a bike along the river in the week leading up to this Sunday’s annual Los Angeles River Ride — an important event not only in raising awareness of it, but also for LA County Bike Coalition, which organizes it.

If the Times wants to let Turner slag on the river from his saddle,  couldn’t it have waited a week when his discouraging and disparaging words might not have turned people off from coming out on their bikes, supporting a great event and seeing the place for themselves?


Obviously not.

4 thoughts on “An Exquisite Case Of Crappy Timing”

  1. My guess is, no one at the Times has any clue that there’s a bike ride scheduled for this weekend. Now that they’ve laid-off almost everyone, there’s no one left to actually keep tract of what’s going on in L.A.

  2. “the diesel fumes have aggravated my asthma and my ears are still ringing from the trucks blaring past on the Golden State Freeway.”

    Wow, that guy is a real ass. And a baby. How about the city scrap all the tax breaks from the Grand Ave. project and use the money to heal the river? See, there’s money everywhere!

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