Not a drought breaker but I’ll take it.


Storm wet streets in Arcadia.
Storm wet streets in Arcadia.

Out here in the SGV we’ve had the odd rumble of thunder since late morning.   The actual lightning and thunder with light rain has been going on for an hour.  Enough rain that it washed the dust off the car, but not enough to satiate my garden or end our drought.  Am liking this break in the June Gloom.

Pic by me with the trusty cell phone about 1:30 when we were caught in a quick down pour.

update 2:30PM…here in Monrovia we have heavy rain and rock salt sized hail!

3 thoughts on “Not a drought breaker but I’ll take it.”

  1. It didn’t quite keep it up out here in North Hollywood. We received heavy rain for a couple of minutes then it just drizzled in between shafts of sunlight. I went out to hunt for a rainbow.

  2. Ditto, Burbank.

    I loved it. The cool air,the dramatic skies… I had both doors open for a lovely cross-breeze while I worked from home…

  3. The thunder yesterday shook the house in arcadia.Cracking and shaking the windows. One full size bed, 2 kids, a giant white german shepard and one big blanket for all to get under and everything was better though :)

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