Win Tix to See Peaches June 7 at the Fonda

peachesI saw Peaches a few years ago on one of those electroclash tours. She came out wearing a long, blond wig & stripper heels, and the crowd, somewhat nonplussed, not for sure it was her, went into paroxysms when midway through a synth intro line she ripped off the wig & shook out her brown curls with a sneer.

Peaches is not a show to be missed. Plus former LA Metblogs author & Buddyhead creator Travis Keller will be DJing there.

Wanna win tickets? Don’t be shy. Tell me your favorite Peaches lyric in the comments. And if they don’t get past our obscenity filters, I’ll make sure to unmoderate them so you all can see those nasty, nasty lyrics.

Info on the show is here. FYI, she plays two shows: one on the 6th, a 2nd on the 7th. These tickets are for the second date, Sunday.

6 thoughts on “Win Tix to See Peaches June 7 at the Fonda”

  1. I would *love* to win these tickets. I saw Peaches in Boston a few years ago and it was a great show. So here’s my submission:

    From “Boys Wanna Be Her”
    the way you rock
    non stop
    girls, you’ve got chops
    flip flop
    she bop
    self taught
    your licks are hot

    And just because I can’t do just one set, there’s this from “I U She”
    I don’t have to make the choice, I like girls and I like boys. (Repeat)

  2. From Casanova

    Am I brink of the brawn
    Just come on strong
    I don’t take long
    He’s so well on
    I got the strap on and gin
    And if he calls us lesbian
    Just slip it in

  3. I like the innocent type
    Deer in the headlight
    Rocking me all night
    Flexing his might
    Doing it right
    Keeping me tight
    Taking a bite out of the peach tonight

  4. No no no baby, I ain’t carrying mace
    Did you just feel something spraying your face?

  5. I love her little Chrissie Hynde pun in “Eff the Pain Away”: “Check out my Chrissie behind, it’s fine all the time.” It’s witty. However, her duet with Iggy Pop, “Kick It” was an instant classic with lines like: “Some people don’t like my crotch!” Love, the self-depreciating humor.

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