Parking Tards! Our readers are hunting for you too.


One of our readers, Geoffrey McStroul sent in that photo and the following story:

Ok, so here’s my parking tard story (photos taken on a Treo 650):
I’m going to Western Bagel this morning (the one in Woodland Hills)
and the area of the parking lot nearest the Western Bagel and the
Coffee Bean mostly has compact spots, and there is this Chevy
Silverado taking up not 2 spots but FOUR spots. Silly me, I didn’t
take the pictures before I went into Western Bagel, but when I came
out I managed to take 2 photos before I was caught and unable to take
the piece de resistance of parking tard photos:

Owner: Can I help you?
Me: Is this your truck?
Owner: Yes.
Me: You’re taking up 4 compact spots.
Owner: Well it is a big truck.
Me: There are other non-compact spots to park in.
Owner: Sorry to ruin your day.

My thoughts after that were that “no, you didn’t ruin my day” and
“you’re going on teh interwebs about to be famous on LA Metblogs”.
(His license plate frame says “Ain’t goin down til the sun comes up”.)

Thanks Geoffrey! Another pic after the jump…


13 thoughts on “Parking Tards! Our readers are hunting for you too.”

  1. You could’ve ruined his day by smearing dog poo on his door handle. Not that I have ever done such a thing.

  2. You take the dog for a walk. You’ve got a bag of dog poo in your hand. Things happen.

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