Dance, Dance, Revo-Fusion

Lucy RicardoWhenever I think of dancing, I think of two things:  Dorothy Parker, an unlikely piano-thumping dance studio teacher turned Algonquin Round table regular, waxing poetic about how to best get John the Baptist’s head on a plate in  “Salome’s Dancing Lesson,” and Lucy Ricardo trying to plie.  Apparently, the dance studio conceit is alive and well outside New York and here in LA – witness the Oxford Street Dance Theater, created by two UC-Berkeley grads (A ha! Another one of us!).  Every year, the dance troupe presents an annual show emoting the clash between the intricacies of modern dance and the complexities of an outside world that currently is confronting xenophobia masked as swine flu hysteria; sadly increasing unemployment rates; and Harvard-educated, formerly practicing attorneys who become First Ladies and fulfill their matronly role by answering tough – but important! – questions from kids about the White House being haunted.  This year’s presentation, “Fusion,” runs on selected dates from May 7 to 17 and, as one of my colleagues and Oxford Street troupe dancers tells me, promises to be quite the event, complete with props.  Hopefully, John the Baptist’s head stays home – but it’s not called a Dance Theater for nothing.

Oxford Street Dance Theater presents Fusion
The Miles Memorial Playhouse
1130 Lincoln Blvd
Santa Monica
Tickets $15 in advance here/$20 at the door
Various dates from May 7 – 17.

Allegiant Air opens service at LAX

allegiantairAllegiant Air opens service from LAX to 14 small (as in Sioux Falls, SD) airports around the country.  What makes them special?  

Dirt cheap airfare, absolutely no frills (not even a bag of peanuts tossed in your lap) non-stop flights to small markets around the US.   My folks have used them for years out of Las Vegas  and swear by them for being cheap and on time.  The challenge is that an Allegiant flight to a given destination is on only a couple of days a week.  You have to be flexible with your timing to take advantage of the cheap fares.

For kicks and giggles I ran a quick fare check to Branson/Springfield MO.  I came up with a fare of 238 round trip.  The best fare to a major airport was $308 but would have required renting a car and driving the final 4 hours to Branson.  A nice savings in terms of fare and time.

Allegiant Air isn’t for everyone, but for those of us having a need to be in some of the smaller markets it will be a huge savings in fares and time.

Unique LA: May 2 & 3

Modeling hats at Unique LA
Modeling hats at Unique LA

If I weren’t going out of town this weekend, I would spend a good part of either Saturday or Sunday at Unique LA–that’s the truth. This two-day shopping extravaganza takes place downtown at the California Market Center penthouse (110 East Ninth Street), 11-7 Saturday and 11-5 Sunday. It’s $5 to get in, with 50% of ticket proceeds going to a local charity. I went to the first one, last year, holiday season, and it rocked. In my mind, it was the perfect combination of artists, crafters, and designers–plenty of the requisite glue-gunned felty things along with designer togs, screen prints, art glass, eco-whatnots, fun punk baby clothes, and all sorts of other things you didn’t even realize you needed. I’ve been to Felt Club and Bazaar Bizarre. This is better, methinks: more places to sit down, some natural light, a dj, complementary beverages, and some food vendors (last time I had a “poptart” from Cake Monkey that was just short of transcendent; this time MALO will have a “pop-up eatery” there). Go. You’ll thank me later.